Germany is one of the most popular destinations for university studies for international students around the world.  With more than 400+ universities and 21,000+ universities courses to choose from, German universities are rated as the best universities in the world. University courses are frequently revised in-order to keep up with the everchanging know-how and requirements of the society and the world. Students are provided with opportunities to learn hand in hand with the changes and utilize latest technology and research to prepare them to be industry-ready after graduation

There are several state-owned and state accredited institutions in Germany. Majority of these universities are sponsored/funded by the government and provide very high-quality higher-education. Along with state-owned institutions, there are several state-accredited private institutions as well as church run institutions

The main types of institutions of higher education seen in the German Higher Education System are the following

  • Universities (Universitäten)
  • Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen)
  • Specialist Universities of Art, Music, or Film.

Universities (Universitäten)

Institutions of higher education that have the right to award doctorates are generally termed as Universities in Germany. The universities focuses more on research-oriented studies in wide range of subjects such as on sciences, economics, social sciences, technology courses, and even medicine. There are general universities and technical universities, responsible for advancements in research and teaching. Educators here are required to be active in research to impart high level teaching to the students enrolled

Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen)

Universities of Applied Sciences, the focus is more on practical application than theoretical education, and the curricula is tailored to the meet the demands and skills required for real-life application. Universities of applied sciences are characterized by focus on faculties of technical Engineering studies and social/economical sciences. Unlike Universität, Fachhochschulen or Hochschulen focuses on limited faculties and focuses on providing professional education based on practical and real-time studies

Specialist Universities

Specialist universities focus on language, literature and study of artistic subjects. Admission to these institutions will usually require the candidates to demonstrate specific talent in areas which one is planning to pursue further education. Eventhough the area of focus is on creative and visual arts , performing arts or music, specialist universities have equal status as Universitäten and also provide technically advanced art-oriented courses as per the changing society
Admission Pathways
Post GraduateStudies

If you have completed your graduate studies outside of Germany and your studies were at a recognized university in Germany, you can get admissions in the field of your education background based on the score and credit value of the course you have completed.

If your undergraduate score in not sufficient to get admission or if the university degree is not acceptable, you might have to acquire eligibility as per the directives of the admission committee of the university.

In certain cases, students are required to attend, pre-master semesters to gain required knowledge and skill for be able to start with master degree studies

Direct access

Direct access to master degree is possible if your academic background is accepted as equivalent to a German degree, your university is accepted and you have sufficient score for admission.

Indirect Access

If your academic background is not accepted OR if your undergraduate scores are not sufficient, you can take a pre-masters before enrolment at university.
Undergraduate Studies

If you have recently completed your high school studies outside of Germany and if your secondary school-leaving certificate is not recognized in Germany, you can gain “university entrance qualification” to German university by completing a foundation course. During the foundation year you will attend classes for several subjects which are relevant to the subject of study you intend to pursue at the university. At the end of the foundation year, you will take test called the “university entrance assessment examination”. Successfully qualifying this as an internal or external student in Germany will allow you to start studies in a German university

Direct access

Direct access is possible if your academic background is accepted as equivalent to a German high school diploma. In that case, mostly the only this you have to do is to make sure that the language proficiency for the university program is met

Indirect Access

If your academic background is not accepted as sufficient, you have to take a foundation year, before enrolment at university. This pre-university year is held as a mandatory requirement for students who have graduated from schooling systems that are not considered equivalent to German Schooling

List of Universities in Germany

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