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Germany is the top destination for Engineering studies in the world. There are more than 500+ stream of Engineering studies across bachelor and master level university studies.

German University Degrees Are Highly Respected By Employees World Wide.

Business & Commerce studies in Germany and it's benefits

The spectrum of degree programmes in Business and Economics has steadily broadened in recent years. In addition to the “classical” subjects of Macroeconomics, Economics and Business Administration, universities are now offering new subjects like Trade and Service Management, International Sales and Marketing, and Supply Chain Management. 

Other related programmes specialise in certain branches, such as sport, tourism, healthcare and media. Interdisciplinary degree programmes, like Economic Law and Economic Psychology, focus on the interplay between various disciplines. 

Germany is a great destination for international scholars in search for a high quality higher education in fields of Business and Commerce. The value and quality of this education is additionally improved by Germany’s strong economy. German Public Universities offer thousands of courses under Business, Commerce and Economic Sciences

No tuition fees at public universities in Germany

State of the art and flexible programs

400+ top ranking universities to choose from, wide range of subjects

State of the art education faculty and infrastructure

Internationally recognized degrees; in demand all over the world

Practical-oriented studies which is fast track to great careers

Excellent job opportunities

Opportunities to stay-back and work in Germany

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics degree course equips you with sound business and IT management knowledge and skills with a focus on business analytics. Studying Business Analytics enables you to deal with the use of digital techniques in a business context and will make you ready for your future job to improve the quality of decision-making through data-based insights and the organizational performance of companies.

Business Psychology

Business psychology transfers current knowledge from psychology to economic problems and analyze from a psychological perspective and to find solutions. The business psychology degree enables the graduates to work in many areas. Students acquire methodological skills in dealing with interests of company, personnel, consumer and producer policy to develop an analytically sound point of view.


Structured education in E-Commerce prepares the candidates to manage the complex challenges of the retail sector through theoretically sound and practical content such as international procurement strategies, efficient controlling and merchandise management concepts, digital marketing and customer relationship management. Aspects of digitization and globalization are integral part of the studies.

Business Economics

The study programme of Business Economics is designed to give students a solid understanding of business management, economics and quantitative methods that can readily be applied in an international environment. Students acquire a wide range of transferable skills, enabling them to pursue a wide range of careers as e.g. managers, consultants or economists in both the private and the public sector

Business & Commerce Course List

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