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Study Medicine & Allied Sciences in Germany

Germany is the top destination for Engineering studies in the world. There are more than 500+ stream of Engineering studies across bachelor and master level university studies.

German University Degrees Are Highly Respected By Employees World Wide.

Healthcare and allied Science studies in Germany and advantages

The Universities in Germany have a highly progressive infrastructure and an international student friendly environment. German Universities are known to produce the most employable Engineers as rated by companies around the world. Engineering is a broad subject comprised of numerous specified subfields, each one being very unique and challenging, inevitable for the world market. 

The German-speaking population has been an inseparable part of the world’s greatest creations in both arts and sciences; thus almost every academic discipline has a long and outstanding tradition of success stories, in Germany and beyond. Add this to that the fact that as of October of year 2012 Germany abolished all tuition fees for national and international students alike, offering free internationally recognized degrees for every prospective student. 

There you have it: the ideal study abroad destination. No wonder students from all around the world are confused as to why can every other country cannot make such a convenient move as Germany. However, the lack of tuition fees is just one of many benefits of studying in Germany. Let’s go through all the advantages Germany has to offer to international students…

No tuition fees at public universities in Germany

State of the art and flexible programs

400+ top ranking universities to choose from, wide range of subjects

State of the art education faculty and infrastructure

Internationally recognized degrees; in demand all over the world

Practical-oriented studies which is fast track to great careers

Excellent job opportunities

Opportunities to stay-back and work in Germany

Medical Data Science

Data Science in Healthcare is rapidly growing and deals with utilizing data from medicine and health care for generating tailored diagnostics and individual therapy. Medical Data Scientists extracts, manages and analyzes medical and health data and develops knowledge as well as acts as the disciplinary interface between medicine and IT. Application of Medical Data science not only aids in medical imaging, drug research, genomics, predictive analytics, tracking and prevention of illnesses, but also effectively monitor patient progress

Medical Biology

Medical Biology provide students with the specialist knowledge, skills and methods of biological-medical and professional training in such a way that they are able to do scientific work, to critically classify scientific findings and to work in advanced medical settings. Upon gradation, medical biologists have seamless opportunities in research institutions in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry in product development and research in the medical-biological field of application, advance research, analysis and monitoring laboratories of public and private institutions etc.

Molecular Biomedicine

The degree in Molecular Biomedicine combines methods and the molecular understanding of the natural sciences with current medical content to recognize and understand the mechanisms and functions of complex life processes. The basis of the program is to enable the graduates for the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches that are intended to combat human diseases. Possible occupational fields biomedical research, development of molecular diagnostics for medical, biotechnical, environmental, forensic issues etc.

Nutrition and Health

Nutrition and Health combines human biology, nutritional science and medicine. In order to research the effects of foods on the physiology and the development of nutrition-related diseases, combining interdisciplinary expertise from molecular biology, genetics, nutritional physiology and nutritional medicine with chemical and bioanalytical techniques. Key areas of focus are nutritional physiology, nutritional medicine, immunology and clinical nutrition. Job opportunities are in food industry, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, universities and research institutes

Medicine & Allied Sciences Course List

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