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Study Engineering in Germany

Got a passion for engineering? If you’re looking to study engineering in Germany, you’re looking in one of the world’s top countries for engineering. In addition, German universities offer plenty of opportunities for practical training and international study experience. 

Germany is the top destination for Engineering studies in the world. There are more than 500+ stream of Engineering studies across bachelor and master level university studies. 

German University Degrees Are Highly Respected By Employees World Wide.

Engineering Studies In Germany And The Benefits

The Universities in Germany have a highly progressive infrastructure and an international student friendly environment. German Universities are known to produce the most employable Engineers as rated by companies around the world. Engineering is a broad subject comprised of numerous specified subfields, each one being very unique and challenging, inevitable for the world market.

The German-speaking population has been an inseparable part of the world’s greatest creations in both arts and sciences; thus almost every academic discipline has a long and outstanding tradition of success stories, in Germany and beyond.

Add this to that the fact that as of October of year 2012 Germany abolished all tuition fees for national and international students alike, offering free internationally recognized degrees for every prospective student. There you have it: the ideal study abroad destination. No wonder students from all around the world are confused as to why can every other country cannot make such a convenient move as Germany. However, the lack of tuition fees is just one of many benefits of studying in Germany. Let’s go through all the advantages Germany has to offer to international students…

No tuition fees at public universities in Germany

State of the art and flexible programs

400+ top ranking universities to choose from, wide range of subjects

State of the art education faculty and infrastructure

Internationally recognized degrees; in demand all over the world

Practical-oriented studies which is fast track to great careers

Excellent job opportunities

Opportunities to stay-back and work in Germany

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key technology of digitization. AI is finding its way into our everyday lives in the form of digital voice assistants, intelligent household appliances or autonomous vehicles. Artificial intelligence will have a major impact on the economy over the next few years. Experts in artificial intelligence are wanted in almost all industries. Among the “Top 15 Jobs of the Future”, there is an AI specialist in first place, followed by the jobs of data scientist, data consultant and data engineer. These are possible jobs for graduates of the new “Applied Artificial Intelligence” course.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is a conscious combination of the fields of electrical engineering and computer science, with two specializations; Software Engineering and Communications. The students are trained how to use IT specialist knowledge in fields of natural and engineering sciences. This prepares the graduates primarily for the following professional fields such as Construction and operation of computer systems and networks, Software engineering for technology or applications, and Development of application-specific systems using hardware components and application of software technologies.


Mechatronics is a cross-sectional discipline that is based on mechanics, electronics, optics and computer science. Mechatronic systems are characterized by the collection, transfer and processing of information. The course is designed to deal with different engineering disciplines. The graduates are able to analyze and work on mechatronic problems in a targeted manner in engineering fields. Students are enabled for specialist and management positions as well as key positions in the fields of mechanics and construction as well as electrical engineering and electronics with information technology elements.

Smart Building Engineering

The Smart Building Engineering course enables the students in planning and building “smart” buildings in close cooperation between the construction industry, electrical engineering, information technology and energy technology; also deals with building automation as well as energy technology. The graduates are able to implement the diverse requirements for modern buildings (design, construction, technical equipment and system integration) in technically, aesthetically and economically optimized building technology solutions.

Engineering Courses in Germany

State-of-the-art and future forward university courses !

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